Liner Notes with a Bang!

Buy MIYAVI’s Kodex Standard or Deluxe to get exclusive Imaginary album content.

Kodex, limited-edition liner notes, are digital collectibles designed in collaboration with musicians and cover artists. Featuring exclusive album art, lyrics, integrated audio features and more, a Kodex gives you unique exposure to the artistry behind albums and ownership of an innovative music collectible with old-school sensibilities

Why Kodex

Collect exclusive album content
Enhanced digital music experience
Ticket to the Hush Hush Music Video Pre-Release Viewing Party

Miyavi Kodex

Imaginary Standard Kodex


Liner Notes, Lyrics, Music Credits, Cover Art, Exclusive Artwork

Imaginary Deluxe Kodex


Liner Notes, Lyrics, Music Credits, Cover Art, Exclusive Artwork. Exclusive Interviews


Kodex FAQ

What are digital collectibles?

They are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can not be forged, and that are authenticated and secured by blockchain technology. All Moments are digital collectibles.

Our digital collectibles live on Flow, a proof-of-stake blockchain from Dapper Labs that provides a seamless, eco-friendly experience. Created in collaboration with artists and creators, digital collectibles by Kollektion are good for the fans, the artists and the environment.

Buying a digital collectible created in collaboration with an artist you love is both a way of showing your support for the artist and declaring your appreciation for the artist. Some of our digital collectibles also come with great additional perks that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Because our digital collectibles are officially-licenced and developed in partnership with artists, artists retain rights and gain revenue from sales.

Of course. Please check out the FAQ section on our homepage for additional information.

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