Imaginary Standard Kodex

What’s Inside?

MIYAVI’s Imaginary album is a rallying cry against the isolation and uncertainty of a world turned upside down by the pandemic. Working with the cover artist, the design reflects the process of songwriting during turbulent times, and the power that imagination has to create through chaos. Integrated audio features let you listen to the songs as you take in the lyrics.

* Best viewed on a computer
* Does not include music

1050 Editions



Liner Notes with a Bang!

Get immersed in the artistic journey

Our digital era has given us the entire world’s music at our fingertips, but we’ve lost the sensorial experience of unpacking a record, cassette or CD—and discovering the editorial content designed to present the artist’s work. Kodex brings back this sense of discovery through liner notes designed for our digital age. As a music lover, you can own and collect limited-edition liner notes with integrated features in one consolidated space, and immerse yourself in the artistry that went into making the album as you listen to it.

Experience a new kind of music collectible

At once nostalgic and innovative, Kodex liner notes are digital collectibles. This means that when you buy a limited-edition Kodex, your ownership is authenticated and secured by blockchain technology. It also means that there’s no risk your Kodex will get damaged, stuffed in a forgotten box in the attic, or harm trees in the making. Kodex collectibles are here to stay, to enrich your experience of your favorite albums, and to support the artist you love. Blockchain technology also ensures that the artists involved in the collaboration are rewarded (they get a percentage of the profit, just like when they sell a physical album), even when Kodex are sold on the secondary market.


  • Exclusive cover art
  • Lyrics
  • Credits
  • Integrated listening experience