MIYAVI’s hit song "Hush Hush", featuring K-Pop star Kang Daniel, depicts a world of power imbalance where people can’t speak up.

The music video features the two stars embody rival characters in a story of struggle for freedom, an essential theme of the Imaginary album. In celebration of the artists’ first ever collaboration, Kollektion created a set of three Special Editions inspired by the "Hush Hush" world. Fans can collect and experience the music video in a completely new way. They include two artworks made of 3D artifacts from the music video and an Alternate Ending only accessible to you through Kollektion.

MIYAVI Special Editions

Eyes On You

The “Eyes On You” Special Edition from the "Hush Hush" music video comes with a printed MIYAVI Photocard, allowing fans to build their digital and physical collections.

April 13, 2022 JST

MIYAVI | "Hush Hush (feat. Kang Daniel)" Music Video Alternate Ending

Exclusive alternate ending of the "Hush Hush" music video with MIYAVI and Kang Daniel revealing an unforeseen turn of events.

This Special Edition comes with an exclusive "Hush Hush" Music Video Commentary Legendary Moment airdropped directly to the alternate ending collectors.

**The Alternate Ending Special Edition is only available to access through a QR hidden code in the “Hush Hush” music video

April 13, 2022 JST

Flashes of Light

This “Flashes of Light” Special Edition from the "Hush Hush" music video includes a 1:1 meet-and-greet with MIYAVI for two-minutes. Keep this rare digital collectible, and the special memories made with the rockstar himself.

April 13, 2022 JST


Special Edition Perks

ONE (1) Printed MIYAVI Photocard Delivery
(20 randomly selected lucky fans receive an autographed Photocard from MIYAVI)
Exclusive "Hush Hush" Music Video Commentary Legendary Moment Airdrop
1:1 Meet & Greet with MIYAVI on Zoom
May 15th JST
(*subject to change)

Special Edition FAQ

What are digital collectibles?

They are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can not be forged, and that are authenticated and secured by blockchain technology. All Moments are digital collectibles.

Our digital collectibles live on Flow, a proof-of-stake blockchain from Dapper Labs that provides a seamless, eco-friendly experience. Created in collaboration with artists and creators, digital collectibles by Kollektion are good for the fans, the artists and the environment.

Buying a digital collectible created in collaboration with an artist you love is both a way of showing your support for the artist and declaring your appreciation for the artist. Some of our digital collectibles also come with great additional perks that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Because our digital collectibles are officially-licenced and developed in partnership with artists, artists retain rights and gain revenue from sales.

Of course. Please check out the FAQ section on our homepage for additional information.

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